What blog posts shall come.

I’m sitting on a plane in San Diego right now waiting to boogie back to New York, where work, my internship, and my summer school project await me. But, I wanted to let you know what is in store for this blog.

There are still buckets of sessions to be written up, including disaster response, cloud computing, and the digital life of teens and tweens. There will be my thoughts on attending professional conferences as a student, and how important ties to school are. Since I love clothes so much I’m also planning a post on the myriad styles I saw at ALA.

Then to wrap up, my thoughts on the overall experience- the exhaustion, the overwhelming feeling of the exhibit hall, the number of brilliant people I was exposed to, and all that I had the opportunity to learn. Most especially what I want to do next time and how inspired I was by attending.

But first, I need to get home! So look for all that over the next two weeks, and if there are any ever questions about any of the sessions, let me know and I’ll try to answer them!


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