ALA Session: What’s Cooking at ALA- Eat Naked

Session number two on Saturday was a cooking demo by Margaret Floyd, nutritional therapist, and James Barry, chef extraordinaire. I picked this one because one, there are cooking demos at ALA?! And two, this one was all about healthy cooking and this new book is gluten free! While I don’t eat gluten free, my mom does, and my sister makes an effort to, so it’d probably be a good idea for me too. Three, I was really curious to see how books are marketed to librarians.

It was set up just like at the county fair- demo booth at the front with all the gadgets and food ready to go, a mirror set on an angle above so as to see what is actually happening up there. Margaret Floyd hung out in front and James Barry in the back, often chopping or what have you while she talked. There wasn’t any push to buy the book (they were giving it out). Instead, it was a simple cooking demo. That’s it! And it makes perfect sense. I’m much more likely to tell other people about the book now now that I know what’s in it. The same theory applies to why so many Advanced Reader Copies, or ARCs, are given away here at ALA. I have a stack of books a mile high, that I’m going to read, write up on my book blog, and then tell people whether or not it’s worth their time to read those books. Genius.

And if you want to know, the idea behind “Eat Naked” is that we need to take out the processed foods, especially starches and grains. Eat good fat, not no fat, and veggies can be used to fake almost anything. Cauliflower for couscous? I’m trying that when I get back to San Diego tomorrow.

Oh, and I had them sign the book to my mom. 🙂



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