Saturday (what a day)

If yesterday’s theme was meet-and-greets, today’s is author talks. Yes! I am pretty much experiencing a TED conference within ALA, albeit with much longer time slots.

My day started bright and early with John Irving, one of my lifelong favorites, who answered question on a variety of hot (literally) topics such as the various attitudes of his characters regarding sex (or lack thereof). The audience was treated to a reading of a portion of Irving’s new tome, In One Person. Especially relevant to this particular conference (in at least one way) is the character of Miss Frost, the transgendered librarian who provides reader’s advisory to the book’s main character, Billy.

After patiently enduring a 30 person deep line at the Hilton Starbucks, I sat in on David Weinberger’s presentation wherein he hypothesized that the properties of knowledge takes the shape of the ecosystem in which it is transferred. In this regime of the network, knowledge takes the shape of the Internet itself: unbounded, unsettled, messy, and connected. My notes are pages long, and I’m looking forward to digesting this argument by reading my signed copy of Weinberger’s new book “Too Big To Know.” Attending this session required the sacrifice of several wonderful presentations scheduled in opposition, but I’m so glad I went. I feel better educated for it.

Lastly, but certainly not least, after lunch and a nice panel on fair use and new media, I heard Glee’s Chris Colfer wax rhapsodic about authoring his YA book, The Land of Stories (see my previous post). As one of the contestants on The Glee Project (yes, I’m watching) declared about Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer is adorable in person – lively, eloquent and funny. If I sound like a fan girl, that’s because I just might be one, much to my surprise. Very rarely am I star struck!

The rest of this day is dedicated to socializing at Hack Library School’s Tweet Up, and maybe the librarian fashion show. Should be quite an event; librarians are a stylish lot!


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