Day one, and it ain’t over yet!

Wow. Pretty much all wow.

Today, thus far, I have:

-learned about RUSA

-seen how much $$$ ALA works tirelessly to raise to keep the world spinning, and make it better while it does so

-listened to a brilliant author about the need for internet freedom, corporate responsibility, and the need for a movement to push for those two things

-been dazzled by the exhibit hall

Tonight, I will:

-go to ALAplay (I don’t even know)

-go to ALA Dance Party III (yesss)


For your viewing pleasure, some pictures from today!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Edit:: lies. It’s over. I didn’t realize how tired I am before I sat down and had some amaaaazig fish tacos. I’m going to bed so I can be up bright and early for day 2!


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