All of the ways!

The day has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things. Of brand new books, of RDA, of librarians and kings.

Ok, cheesy, but totally how I feel about the fact that this afternoon I will be at ALA12!!

Here’s a reminder about all the ways to keep up with us while we’re in Anaheim this weekend:

This blog! My plan is to write a short post after every session or event I attend. This will 1, make it easier for me so I don’t forget what I saw! 2, make it easier for you, dear reader- if you have questions about what I saw I’ll be more apt to remember an answer! And 3, many short updates will be better than one really, really long “what I saw at ALA12” essay next week, which let’s face it, wouldn’t be done for a while.

Twitter! Follow me at @librarian_allie for updates throughout the day, especially this afternoon at the kickoff and tomorrow afternoon as I either see Chris Colfer or George RR Martin (I can’t decide!). If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about what to see and do next, tweet them to me! (Especially the advice bit.) I’ll be tweeting a TON of photos, so if you want to see what I see, that’s the place to look. Don’t forget to follow Davis at @daviserin as well!

Vinette’s audio blog! Don’t forget to check out our very own (and very favorite) Vinette Thomas’ audio blog here. There’s already a ton of great content, so head over there

Let’s do this thing. ALA 2012 is a go.


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