What to see, what to do! Allison’s proposed ALA schedule

ALA Annual Conference 2012 starts one week from TODAY! (for me anyway!) I’m so excited- every day Twitter gives me more fun things to see and read and do and hear and participate in and my list keeps getting longer and longer.

I published my schedule from my ALA handy-dandy scheduler to two google docs, a short one with just titles, times, locations, and what kind of shindig it is, and an extended one with descriptions (links below). I’m more or less keeping myself to the main building, although there are programs happening in lots of places. But, I feel that I’m going to want to be able to skip from place to place, and that my time in the exhibition hall will be unscheduled. When you take a look-see, it’ll be obvious that I’m going to need a clone or 7 in order to see everything I want to see. (Again with the keeping mostly in the main convention center building). Have any comments or suggestions on the sessions I’ve picked? Leave me a note on the google doc, here in the comments, or tweet it to me at @librarian_allie!

Abbreviated schedule here

Extended schedule with descriptions here


Things I’m obviously interested in: YA books and services, IT/technology in the library, leadership, archives, ethics/law/social issues, e-readers, academic libraries. #AllTheThings.


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