A-Listers (and why I’m glad I’m not one, yet)

There more I talk to my librarian friends about ALA, the more I learn about a secret underworld of invitations to breakfasts, luncheons, happy hours and open bar evening socials that are bestown upon a select group of individuals who are on some list somewhere. Since I have yet to be discovered in this manner, I am happily benefitting from word of mouth, and from invites forwarded to me from the inbox of others – the true recipients.

I’m beginning to see that it is possible, if not likely, that I will get little to no sleep during ALA, what with late night open bar parties followed the next day by early morning pre-session breakfasts. It’s going to be fairly tough for me (but so necessary!) to set boundries in the name of R & R (to say nothing of maintaining my Pilates schedule) so as to be a functional human being in the midst of what will be a highly stimulating conference environment. It’s important! Yoga is on the schedule too!


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