Schedule Addition! CraftCon @ ALA Anaheim

I’ve added a new item to my list of not-to-be-missed conference goings-on: CraftCon! Proof positive of the benefits of reaching out to fellow ALA conference attendees to arrange social engagements, CraftCon was brought to my attention by former SILSSA Pres, Kate K.  Just listen to this delicious description:

“Librarians (or guests of librarians) who need a break from conference can join their like minded peers with a project (or two or three…) in the Networking Uncommons in the Anaheim Convention Center on either Saturday, June 23rd or Sunday, June 24th from 12 – 1:30 PM Pacific Time. Crocheters, spinners, weavers and even other crafters (embroidery, beading, cross-stitch) are also welcome. You do not need to have any prior knitting knowledge; chances are if you want to learn, someone there will want to teach you! (It happened in Dallas.) There may also be freebies from a well-known DIY publisher. ”

Count me in! I’m not in the middle of a knitting project at the moment, but never mind that – all a girl needs to find herself totally contented is some paper and a pair of scissors.



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2 responses to “Schedule Addition! CraftCon @ ALA Anaheim

  1. I will definitely have to go! I didn’t know we both were knitters- fun!

  2. Davis Erin Anderson

    Yes! Let’s do it! Since I wrote this post I’ve rekindled a project that I had shelved (lost the pattern, but I’m back on track after some successful Googling), so I am good to go!!

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