There’s a first time for everything

Previous winners of SILSSA’s generous scholarship have reported back from their own initiatory ALA adventures with reports highlighting the vastness of ALA’s flagship conference. Those conversations, together with ALA’s own account that the conference brings together more than 25,000 librarians, authors and exhibitors, portend a somewhat overwhelming experience for me and my fellow scholarship winners.

I’ve been attempting to prepare for a lost-at-sea feeling (to extend the nautical metaphor beyond my previous post) by seeking out fellow travelers – people I already know who are likely to travel to Anaheim for this year’s event. My hope is that a time spent with familiar faces will be a great way to A.) catch up with folks I haven’t seen since school ended this year and B.) find some mooring during this experience while still continuing to do, see, and learn all that I can.

That said, if I know you and you’ll be at the conference, give a holler! Let’s set up a coffee date. Chances are you know how to reach me. If not, I’m available on Twitter @daviserin.


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