Counting Down, Making Plans

I’m beginning to see the first trickle of ALA related tweets coming through my feed, just about two weeks before what I’m sure will be a veritable explosion of library-related take-aways stemming from the many excellent presentations, author talks, and round tables that are on the docket for #ala12.

(Side note: I wonder if the temporal activity of conference tweeting has been the subject of a research study. Hypothesis: conference tweet habits resemble a bell curve, with the most activity occurring directly at the midpoint of the conference itself, with pre- and post-conference chatter leveling off at largely the same rate. But, hey, I’m a librarian – if I can’t find research to answer this, it’s time to start a study!)

One of my tweoples had the brilliant idea of drafting and sharing her short list of presentations and social events to observe and visit, so this list of my own is presented as a hat tip to @BibliosaurusRex:

If any of you #ala12 attendees would like to join me at any of these events, just give a shout! I’ll stay tuned to this a-here blog, or you can find me @daviserin.

P.S. Many thanks to Allison for charting our way into the clear waters of conference observing & reporting!


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