I Dream of Libraries

Just over two months ago I submitted an essay in a contest giving out scholarships for Pratt Institute School of Information and Library Science students (SILS) to attend the 2012 American Libraries Association Annual Conference. Just under two months ago, I found out I would be one of four graduate students selected to attend.

My first reaction was to jump around like a maniac- it meant going back to California (where I’m from), it meant finally understanding what the community of librarians is, and most of all, it meant that I was going to have the opportunity of the year to be exposed to new ideas, technologies, books, and the largest resource in all of library-land: librarians themselves.

My second reaction was to ponder all of the things I had just added to my t0-do list. Register. Find a hotel. Find out how to pay for the hotel. Meet my fellow attendees. Make lists of what I wanted to see. Make more lists of what I wanted to see. Figure out I can’t be in seven places at once. Make a new list, then decide that maybe I’ll go without a list. Make a packing list. Oh right, check the weather. Remember I’ll be inside, so it doesn’t matter anyway. Create a twitter handle specifically for my library-self (@librarian_allie). Create a blog. Find out where to park my car at the hotel. Can I park my car at the hotel?

And so forth and so on. I have so much to do! But everyday now we’re getting closer and closer, and my excitement grows more and more. 15 days until I leave, 16 days until the conference starts!


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